be aware

Be aware

Knowing in real time WhatWhat your friends are doing has never been so easy. You can even send a Whatwhat request to your friends who have not filled their WhatWhat for a long time.

Be worldwide

Be worldwide

Slake your curiosity. WhatWhat is an international app that allows you to know how many people are doing the same, not only in your country but in the all wide world!

Be numerous

Be numerous

WhatWhat is a social network application obviously based on the community, the more it gets members, the more the app will be accurate and you will enjoy playing with it

get bored ?

Bored ?

Thanks to the "O'wazard" function, "bored" won't be part of your vocab anymore. This feature will randomly suggest you to do what you or your friends are used to do.

Actually ...


... Whaterz are waiting for you!

Let's get viral!

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